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Science Communication

In a world where science information is readily available, easily misinterpreted by the media, and subject to miuse by untrustworthy sources, accurate, honest communication with our communities is incredibly important.

I have been writing and creating various science communication products over the last few years, and have a certificate in science communication. My goal is to provide community members with the most accurate, honest, understandable science information available to them so that they can make the best, most informed choices for themselves and their families.

Check out my portfolio below for a sample of written and visual communications.

Disclaimer: Some samples may be drafts, and as such may be missing elements.

Eating and Vaping: This infographic focuses on results of a study at the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products that explores the impact of vaping on appetite and food consumption.

What's In My Vape Juice: This infographic is based on a study done with schools in the Richmond, VA area. Researchers collected conifscated e-cigarettes and analyzed the e-liquid to determine.

Who's Vaping What?: This infographic is based on a paper by Johns Hopkins and VCU researchers, exploring what types of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS; e.g., e-cigarettes) people use most often.

Sinking the Myth of Cycle Syncing: This infographic summarizes the limited research on the effects of the phases of the menstrual cycle on different types of exercise, as well as cycle syncing.

What is Abortion Misinformation?: This infographic explains what abortion misinformation is, and summarizes research related to abortion misinformation.


Need science communication materials for your study or lab? I can help!

Contact me for more information.

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